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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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the future. i'm with mark littlewoods the director of the institute of economic affairs he says that austerity measures it's a recipe for economic growth but they all a prerequisite littlewood why austerity measures so necessary well what we actually need is to get the economy back into some form of prominence we are living a normal sleep. it's actually all of the talk about austerity in the united kingdom is somewhat misplaced and that might be the political rhetoric but if you actually look at the numbers it is the british government's intention to add six hundred billion to the national debt over the course of this parliament that's to say they're going to spend six hundred billion pounds sterling. more than they bringing
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in taxes and that's austerity i wouldn't like to see large yes and we can see by looking around the world will that everybody talks about the global economic crisis actually this is in very large part by western economic crisis caused by debt and i think that one of the lessons that we can draw from it is that spending money you don't have is not a route to economics ovation we have to begin to try and balance the books that doesn't solve everything but it is a prerequisite so what you're saying is the government's trying to enter mental therapy but failing. what's unbelievably curious about the government's rhetoric is talking as if they're taking a chainsaw to public spending that this is going to be the biggest package of austerity this is really going to hurt it's a bit like going to a dentist and the dentist saying to you this is going to be very very painful surgery on really really sorry but you're going to have to suffer it and then deliver in a pinprick it's as if they're sending out mood music to the money markets is if
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they're trying to pretend they're being tough but the actual figures suggest nothing of the sort so the kind of austerity that you're talking about what would that look like to the ordinary man on the street. well i resent the term austerity there's a danger that the political debate is now configured in do you want austerity or do you want growth i want growth but i think that living within your means at government level is necessary to achieve that so i don't buy this austerity versus growth i don't buy the idea that we should only make cuts when the economy starts growing i think we need to actually get the government out of the way to allow the economy to grow it would be as if you were in a hot air balloon and so you were only going to throw the whites out when the balloon takes off no you actually need to throw the whites in order to let the balloon take off put that into perspective for me what does it mean in terms of schools and hospitals which is what we think about when we talk about government
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spending at the national health service which the government in my view it in its total economic unwisdom for political reasons has really focused the national health service so we have probably the most socialist health care system in the entirety of europe i'm not saying that you privatized all of that overnight and there's a bite in britain as if there's only upon your retreat you want to have a national health service all the american system i don't much like the american system but i think that we have to be aware that cradle to grave health care for virtually any illness or plight that you any individual suffers from is simply not affordable or if we want to afford it then we're going to have to see enormous rises in tax chancellor george osborne talking about cutting ten billion pounds from the welfare state all those kinds of measures hitting the poorest and media in our society. i'm not persuaded by that argument at all really what with saying with
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regard to the british welfare state since it was set up now looking back now best part of sixty years nearly since the beveridge report which was established the founding principles is that we need a welfare safety net that is provides what beverage himself described as subsistence levels of support and only ideally for a temporary period of time what we've actually seen with the growth of the welfare state is it's nearly impossible to imagine a person in british society who doesn't qualify for some sort of welfare support you might have housing benefit even if you're in work if you've got any kates you qualify for child benefit you may qualify for tax credits if you are a low earner it goes on and on and on we have universal benefits for the elderly if you are a multi-millionaire in your seventy's you get a free bus pass you get a winter fuel allowance one affluent individual said to me he'd like to use winter fuel allowance to help him to heat is indoor swimming pool this is not
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a welfare state it was a neutral originally imagine this is a welfare state that has got totally out of control but covers nearly all human activity so i think you could slice it back and focus it on those who really need it let's say for the sake of argument the bottom ten percent of the population they're all there are parents rather than spreading this huge people over virtually every part you recently led a panel discussion entitled fifteen ideas to transform britain about encouraging enterprise in this country and the ideas put forward by a number of m.p.'s in three of them were put forward by you i'm just going to go through them with you and if you could tell me what you mean by each of them the first is super charging startups. what what we mean by super charging startups is to make it easy for somebody who's got a business idea to begin to get off the grant in the land of building a business before last few rungs of the harvest the biggest. decision is how do i
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take on my first employee for example what sort of barriers to i face you're immediately hit by all sort of complex tax rules i want to make it easy for somebody who has a great idea almost you know at three o'clock in the morning to begin to get their business off the ground your second i dare is rewarding our educators and it's agreed really almost universally that our teachers aren't paid enough is that what you mean. i'm not sure that it's true that teachers aren't paid enough by the way but i don't really know what teachers should be paid so that there are two changes that i'd like to make the first is to allow profit into the system if you can run a fantastic school which you know teaches kids you know mathematics english and the rest i have no problem with you making a profit for what is a fantastically useful exercise for the next generation but i'd also like to make sure that teachers are employed and remunerated in the way that people are in the private sector so rather than teachers being on the back which was set in some sort
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of smoke filled room in watchful between politicians bureaucrats and trade union like individual schools to sign mr bloggs is a great history teacher we can't afford to lose him we've got to give him a playwright's and schools will have to make decisions of course you know are you going to spend the money on perhaps building a better chemistry lab and better sports facilities or are you going to spend the money on trying to bring in better quality teachers those sort of decisions which every day you're faced in private sector companies should be faced by those one in our schools as well we've talked a bit about the welfare state that your third eye dare is winding down out of work benefits seemingly just when people need them the most. i think that it's true that people who need them the most at the moment are not advocating anything here which is even as extreme as what bill clinton brought in in the united states of america and it's two things firstly i'd like to see benefits begin to be time limited the assumption the assumption this is going to apply in all cases but the assumption is
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you need a short amount of help you've suddenly lost your job you need a little bit of help to talk through perhaps for six months or so maybe for a year before you find another job that's the concept behind and you need to work hard in those few months to find another job but i'd also like to like to bring into the fact that you would be eligible for community work because what's happening at the moment with the government is that they all royally addressing a ludicrous problem in our welfare system which is that some people are actually better off claiming welfare benefits than they are taking on a job they take on a job that's not particularly well paid suddenly all these benefits get guillotines and before you know it you're working forty hours a week and you actually have less money in your pocket than you would to if you filled in some government forms that's not but i think there needs to be another problem that needs to be tackled and that's if you like the leisure but if your choice is to work for forty hours a week for let's say twelve thousand pounds a year or to stay on welfare doing no work for eleven thousand pounds
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a year although it would be true in that circumstance that you would be better off in work you might not want to do forty hours a week work so it's in my view that if the community tax payers are coming to you all right and providing you with the money that you need to three square meals that i pay your heating bills have a roof over your head then it's reasonable to expect you to put in some work to the community clearing up litter in the park scraping graffiti off walls and the like and where this is being trialled in wisconsin in the united states of america it had a fantastic dynamic effect what happened was we didn't suddenly have huge squadrons of unemployed people scraping away what actually happened was these unemployed people suddenly inspired to. in falling real jobs in the private sector and low and behold those vacancies usually at the lower end of the incomes scuttled looking for people to work in fish and chip shops or balls or or restaurants those suddenly got filled so i think it's a win win i would actually encourage a work ethic and encourage a mentality that would get people who have been out of work into the labor market
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what about the effect of the economic situation in the european union on the u.k. where hearing that there are a great is for costs this year in the e.u. what impact will that have on u.k. house holds well there's no doubt at all however one wants to blame all praise the united kingdom government they're not monsters or interestingly in talk and fear actually for the next as a radical change of course in the european union countries and the western economy as a whole and not percent growth is going to have to be something that we get used to so let's hope that that's the worst of it and we don't actually say a full scale eurozone crisis because when william hague said that joining the euro might be a bit like entering the boning building with no exits well perhaps he was right but nevertheless the united kingdom is sitting in the porch and if that voting building goes up we will definitely feel
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a substantial and highly negative side effect of that little bit thank you very much. nuclear fashionable heights inside the. radioactive fallout old government betrayal of the government blog entry lauded and lauded
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and clawed how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was indeed a very bright day to the service make of search who will give a low problem. and to the people of this country generally because already like the full. the secrets of the u.k.'s nuclear tests exposed. magine assets that the temple own watches you every single move. and waiting for you to stumble. i saw a man with a video camera so i moved over and he phoned me. you know we realized they were following everyone from early in the morning.
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the only chance to get rid of him. is to reveal him. the devil operation on archie. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear sees some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. please. mum live. lucky you got me.
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live a good. luck. live . chaos and killing in the former gadhafi stronghold of bani walid goes unnoticed by those who guarded man attorney and bombing campaign against the late libyan leader last year. contact the eurozone governments back on his police unions go up against outrage protesters and anger peeks over analysts austerity.
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barack obama and mitt romney running neck and neck after a lackluster foreign policy show and tell and with neither man leaving constant. and ukraine heads to the polls to choose a new parliament and what could become and i'm predictable both with the former boxing champion having the power to swing the forces for or against the current president. next brings us the latest sports. good to have you company and here's what's coming up almost double alexander could you called scores twice isn't he come back to beat a lanyard three two to go in the russian premier league club turkish delight maria sharapova prepares to face arena williams in the final of the w t a championships and they stumble you know using in just all races left will win the one latest
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about hume battle starts in pole position for today's girl. but we'll start with the russian premier league resonate all right to third this morning to a late strike from alexander because you called saw them come from my goal down to beat struggling and yet three to a. penalty down the center say by you learn you keep it a bit but let me be still made amends on the follow up as looky on this block and so i took the lead after just thirteen minutes but two strikes within ten minutes from brad to me because you both from where you can't mention. the home side led at the interval. however is a neat level with twenty minutes to go through persian called. a free kick from him big if inflated and the full time approaching the russian star made the most of an awful defensive makes up to wrap up the great many tonight two point lead is angy by the lanyard two points above the relegation zone. in other games on
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saturday volga moved off the bottom of the table but remain in the drop zone after being held to a one one draw with present the last of his two short rb of put the home side ahead after sixty four minutes as vulgar look for their second straight the victory but fifteen minutes later another sub that amy forman levelled with a headed lobe to ensure the points were shattered. while at the foot of the table after losing to sparta aca heraldo strike just before the interval gave the moscow side the lead and in your ability get enough second after sixty four minutes caught the goalkeeper unawares wrapping up a comfortable victory and a good weight as richard and paul faith. things are suddenly looking much brighter for a sponsor at moscow after suffering three straight defeats the written whites have now won their last two games against benfica which is rejuvenating champions league hopes and. of course you know the image give give
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a good morale as is do we. have a good team and i reverted to working very hard but if you don't win the games you know them are all goes down so. we are all here for winning song obviously that makes us money only with and that's good when a sponsor i mean problems had been very leaky defense it conceded twenty goals domestically and six in the champions league going into this week you know him resigned loads of tighten things up at the bank and a clean sheet against mahdavi and was a. credibly there first since early august. because really working on this in training but i think there is still plenty to improve on both in attack and defense we need to keep on working hard. there were thinking about doing again. it's very difficult to win four games when you're when you take a lot of for us there was a very good they didn't create many chances they were strong in set pieces but.
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people really well it. was a good game for us and she pointed stream important spartak have been suffering from a number of injuries but the crisis seems to be easing the lines of underage and emanuel a mini k. set to play first team football soon meanwhile dounia billionaire deneuve is finding his shooting boots again before my everton midfielder hasn't been in the greatest of form since returning to russia but he's now scored two goals in as many games. i'm working hard in training and when i get a chance i try to shoot when playing i think i'll play is becoming better as a team we're working better together as a unit creating more chances which gives every player on the pitch more opportunities to score today it was a great psychological boost and we also kept a clean sheet because the games will continue to come ficken fast response hank however the muscovites finally have a platform to build on after so much inconsistency from the season and bell be
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looking to increase their winning run but domestically and in europe richard engel flew to ante moscow well today and she hope to continue their good league form and five points clear at the top they travel to his and the face of his being in second place to place and then on the moscow take on prettier. selves and drops. in england colors their score the second half when if managed to city and their one nil victory over swung that wind putting them within a point of even. chelsea elsewhere on saturday also went for. aston villa three one one with norwegian reading clings to grinning three three draw with full on stars weekend sunderland was going to beat west ham two one so it is tight at the top. just glad to grab away and defeat in the champions league. for four months first. but. because of
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a team that. but. not a chance to score. in this moment. from. defeat . we really do it was important to point. out on sunday chelsea are looking to bounce back from a champions league disappointment in charge cards and that they hope to today but will miss the injured frank lampard and john terry you still suspended elsewhere everton entertain liverpool in the military side darby you cashel face question from a lowly southampton welcome. let's switch to tennis where russia is preparing to take on serina williams in the final of the season ending championships and. full of confidence after beating the world number one story was a rancorous six ball six to. make space in him for williams who thrashed advanced
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in her semi but lost in the final to the americans so there's a chance for revenge but she says she's just delighted with this i was going a few years since i've been in the final. you know to come to this event with the top big girls and and to be one of the last two and then dries is a great feeling and there's always one more match to go but it's certainly a great accomplishment to get there and i saw. my chief jaroslava lar closing in on western conference leaders dinar moscow they are just two points behind the muscovites after achieving a win over serviced. the first period was in the second surrogate roughly cough found the net on a power play and alexander wrapped up the win with a second goal in the final frame. sin bin for a nasty elbow on you. despite the smelling salts he couldn't continue and could
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miss monday's game against after. so you know to the railway men how it finished and i just a couple of points behind the western conference leaders in our moscow. on sunday nothing to me came back to story elsewhere on saturday night he came back to. struggling atlanta with a six five overtime win because yes but at this hour there for two on the road. now spain's your great little enzo has been crimes moto g.p. champion he came second the astray in a parade. that after casey stoner won this race but dani pedrosa crashed and that effectively handed lorenzo the championship with just one race remaining briton cockroach claimed his second podium finish of the season
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. no sebastian vettel will head into the indian grand prix on pole position today he has a narrow lead along in the championship with harmful of races remaining but he is on pole position and will start today at the front of the grid along with teammate . so that is all sport for the moment i'm back with more in a couple of hours. what lies ahead for our q will the movement mobilize calls for a new america who stands for the going to nine percent selection close god took the twenty ninth on our team.
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nuclear fashionables side. radioactive fallout all government betrayal of the government. and law and claude and claude how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was indeed a very bright day to the servicemen concerned who were given no problem protection and to the people of this country generally because of the radioactive fallout. the secrets of the u.k.'s nuclear tests explain.


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